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Why Carry the Card?

  • What medications should I list?

You should only list your long-term medications. These are prescriptions that you will be taking for the foreseeable future.

  • What is considered "Long-term"?

If you anticipate taking your prescription for more then three months this would be considered "long-term". A "No Re-fill" prescription is NOT a long term and should not be entered. Example: An antibiotic (in most cases) is a short-term treatment and should not be listed on the card.

  • How do I list a medication that I only take when needed?

In the frequency section of that medication, just simply indicate "AS NEEDED." Example: Nitroglycerin (NTG) is typically taken only as needed.

  • What if I am taking my medication at different frequencies or different dosages on different days?

List the medication twice and indicated what dosage/frequency on which day.


Medication List Example

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Carry the Rx InfoCard - It could save your life