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Frequently Asked Questions on Rx Infocard - Emergency Medical Card

Why Carry the Medical Info Card?

  • What medications should I list?

You should only list your long-term medications. These are prescriptions that you will be taking for the foreseeable future.

  • What is considered "Long-term"?

If you anticipate taking your prescription for more then three months this would be considered "long-term". A "No Re-fill" prescription is NOT a long term and should not be entered. Example: An antibiotic (in most cases) is a short-term treatment and should not be listed on the card.

  • How do I list a medication that I only take when needed?

In the frequency section of that medication, just simply indicate "AS NEEDED." Example: Nitroglycerin (NTG) is typically taken only as needed.

Medical Info Member Card

protect yourself
communicate critical information

peace of mind for you and your family

Adverse drug reactions could kill you

  • 2 million serious injures/year
  • 100,000 deaths each year
  • Most incidents are PREVENTABLE!

Carry the Rx InfoCard - It could save your life

Rx InfoCard Members
  • "This card is indispensable. All of my Doctor's LOVE it!" - Mary, Massachusetts
  • "This card caught a potential drug interaction. I will never be without it!" - David, Maine

Carry the Rx InfoCard - It could save your life